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L’Express Montreal

by on Mar.12, 2012, under Champagne, Montreal, QC - Canada, Octopus, Sole, Steak Frites, Wine

This Montreal institution is located about a 10 dollar cab ride from downtown on Rue Saint Denis

The restaurant is very traditional no Wi-fi here. Just what you would expect from a place that has been around for a long time.

No frills but this pate was great.

So was the octopus.

Of course the steak frites was very good.Not my usual type of place but the champagne prices were the best that I found in Montreal. In fact some of their bottles were as cheap as the liquor stores.To make a reservation

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Verses Hotel Nelligan Montreal

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Champagne, Coffee, Egg Breakfast, Irish Coffee, Montreal, QC - Canada, Tartar, Wine

Verses is in the Hotel Nelligan located in Old Montreal behind Notre Dame cathedral .

The hotel is very cool as it seems to have been 2 buildings that have been joined together.

I had a Beefoe latte which was excellent and there was a very good wine list.

I had the beef tartar which Included some great fries.
Our waiter was excellent. Very attentive and informative. Overall a very comfortable place to spend an afternoon.

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XO Hotel Le St James Montreal

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Bellini, Champagne, Chicken Club, Cocktails, Free Wi-Fi, Irish Coffee, Montreal, QC - Canada, Music, Salmon, Swanky, Wine

Another one of my favorite hang- outs in Montreal

On my last visit I spent a lot of time perched at this bar working on the development of the Supershag Empire

The restaurant is very grand but I have never felt out of place in my jeans and t-shirt.

The food is great. The bread is brill.

I always have a latte in a large bowl with a straw and Jamesons . The perfect Beefoe latte. The one that I had here was so good that I forgot to take a here is the chicken club.

Salmon was pretty good as well.

Always worth a visit.
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Cavalli Montreal

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Beer, Ceviche, Chicken, Cocktails, Happening, Montreal, QC - Canada, Music, Salmon, Scallops, Swanky, Tartar, Tuna, Wine

Cavalli is located on Peel Street in the heart of downtown Montreal . This restaurant actually turns into a club at on a Saturday night.

The place is very swanky and the ambience and music are obviously very club like.

We brought a large group so we sampled a lot of food.

Tuna tartar was excellent.

As was the salmon .

Octopus also got 2 thumbs up.

Sea bass main course was fantastic.

Filet mignon was ordered rare nut arrived almost medium.

Swordfish and clams were excellent.

Tuna looked great and tasted ok as well.

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Hotel Gault Montreal

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Montreal, QC - Canada, Stay Here If You Can

My fav hotel in Montreal.

Located in the heart of Old Montreal I believe the building was a YWCA at one time.

The hotel is very small and the rooms have a very loft like feel.

The level if service is fantastic . Nothing seems to be too much for the staff.

The hotel is dog friendly , has a small gym ,is very contemporary but retains a certain old world charm.

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Otto W Hotel Montreal

by on Feb.13, 2012, under Free Wi-Fi, Hamburger, Happening, Salad, Swanky

Otto is the restaurant in the W hotel Montreal

Stopped off here for lunch this time. Before I had only been for dinner.Plonked myself at the bar and proceeded to work ear and drink for the next 4 hours.

Started with the spinach salad. Really good . Followed with the lamb burger which once again was great.

Now I have to admit the level of sevice in Montreal is good but this was off the scale. The young lady who served us was a wealth of information. She was full of ideas of where I should visit to get the complete Montreal experience . Her colleague was a Liverpool supporter so he could do no wrong.

Deffo worth a visitMake a reservation

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Weinstein & Gavinos Montreal

by on Feb.11, 2012, under Beer, Bellini, Cocktails, Free Wi-Fi, Irish Coffee, Montreal, QC - Canada, Music, Osso Bucco, Salmon

Weinstein and Gavinos is located on Crecent Street right Un the heart of the upscale shopping section of Montreal .

I would describe it as an up market bar and is one of my favorite lunch spots .

The bar is really well stocked and the interior could be described as rustic cool.

The food is not of the scale but I very good.

The Osso Bucco is great

They were also very accommodating with the gluton free meal that was requested. The custom cooked salmon was very good.

So if you are shopping and feel the need for lunch or an early afternoon meal this is a great place to visit.
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Le Globe Montreal

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Beer, Champagne, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Montreal, QC - Canada, Music, Swanky, Tartar, Wine

Le Globe,the first restaurant I can actually remember visiting in Montreal in the mid 90s.(my god that was in the last century)

If you want a really cool ambience this is the place to go.

The beautiful people of Montreal cam be seen here. (though they did let Pee Wee in)

Back in my formative years in Liverpool Sapporo was the full hit. (that means good ). So of course they serve it here, not in the non descript bottles but these great designer cans.

Jamiroquai on the play list what more can you ask for.
Ah food that is the reason we are here. Well I have to report that it was excellent . The venison and beef tartar starters were excellent. The steak main course was fantastic. The gluten and diary free salmon was described as the best ever. Just pay this place a visit. It is brill.



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