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Kitchen Boston MA

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Beer, Boston, Champagne, Cocktails, Egg Breakfast, Hamburger, Happening, Music, Roof Deck/Patio, Salad, Wine

We stopped in here for Sunday brunch, and thanks to Daren’s help we started out with a glass of the 2010 Kunin Pape Star and bottle of the Digfish ale.

This spot had been open as ‘Kitchen’ since June of 2011, previously it went under the name Pop’s, which I still remember the mouth watering pulled pork sandwich I had!

We had the omelette, bibb salad and hamburger Yorkshire style.


we then followed this with a Singapore Sling:

followed this with a Moscow Mule (forgot to take a picture) and then a ‘Sparkling Cloister’ (champagne cocktail)

while listening to Ray Charles on LP!


and following all of this with a ‘Hemingway Daiquiri’ a little to tart for Chris…but I loved it.


As you can see this place had a vibe that kept us there all afternoon, Daren was an equally entertaining bartender and turned us onto a new must have App for the local cocktail scene lover, checkout GetOnTheBar and you’ll see what I mean. Not to mention the fun loving crew that inhabited the rest of the kitchen (you see here chef finding a way to insert some brandy into his meals) asking politely of course as to make sure this would not hinder the bar that evening.


We finished the afternoon up with a tall cup of black coffee, I highly recommend stopping in for a bite to eat or an entertaining drink and conversation with the bar men at Kitchen Restaurant in Boston’s South End it’s at 560 Tremont Street (Previously ‘Pop’s’ restaurant was situated here.)


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Joe’s American Bar and Grill Boston

by on Sep.18, 2012, under Bellini, Boston, Champagne, Gluten Free, Hamburger, Mimosa, Pasta, Roof Deck/Patio, Salad, Tuna, Wine

If you are looking for a lunch spot, in the sun, next to the bay, look no further than 100 Atlantic Avenue and Joe’s American Bar and Grill. They have a great family friendly menu that also caters to the Gluten intolerant. The wine selection is fantastic for the diverse crowd this restaurant services. They even have a few unexpected gems on the menu like the Asian Tuna Salad (barley seared with a wonderfully light sauce on the side) this is a must have when I stop in for a bite.


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Origin Toronto

by on Jul.22, 2012, under Champagne, Chicken, Egg Breakfast, Gluten Free, Hamburger, Irish Coffee, Mimosa, Roof Deck/Patio, Salad, Toronto, ON - Canada

Origin is located in the St Lawrence district of Toronto which is on the edge of the financial district. The location is quite cool as it is opposite St James
Cathedral .


Only ha brunch here on the patio but the interior of the restaurant looks very funky.


Especially like the Darth Vador mask.

The brunch was excellent. My hamburger was really good.The only downside was the cost 17 dollars.

Rancheros were good but different from what you might expect .

The bill was rather expensive maybe due to the fact that we ordered mimosas and there was no price on the menu.

I really liked the food and the location and service was excellent but very pricey for a brunch.
To make a reservation

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Reynards at the Wythe Hotel

by on Jul.06, 2012, under Beer, Champagne, Cocktails, Free Wi-Fi, Hamburger, Happening, Lamb, New York, Roof Deck/Patio, Wine

The Wythe Hotel has been getting some rave reviews recently in magazines that matter. Located in Williamsburg it is a bit out of the way and not in the most desirable place .It is however well worth the trip for a couple of reasons .

The food is very good and very different.

Seafood salad was really good

Arctic Char was served sushi style with yoghurt giving it flavor . Sounded really awful to me but it actually really worked.

The lamb special once again had a lot of exotic combinations none of which I now remember but it was delicious.
The actual restaurant is very cool but unfortunately the acoustics are pretty awful.

The dress code is very casual. If however you did want to dress up you would not feel out of place.

While the wine list is good the beer list I pretty stellar.

If you are lucky enough to visit between Wednesday and Sunday you really do have to visit the roof-top bar.

The view of Manhattan is spectacular and the music is loud.
Definately check this place out if you are in Brooklyn.To make a reservation

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Otto W Hotel Montreal

by on Feb.13, 2012, under Free Wi-Fi, Hamburger, Happening, Salad, Swanky

Otto is the restaurant in the W hotel Montreal

Stopped off here for lunch this time. Before I had only been for dinner.Plonked myself at the bar and proceeded to work ear and drink for the next 4 hours.

Started with the spinach salad. Really good . Followed with the lamb burger which once again was great.

Now I have to admit the level of sevice in Montreal is good but this was off the scale. The young lady who served us was a wealth of information. She was full of ideas of where I should visit to get the complete Montreal experience . Her colleague was a Liverpool supporter so he could do no wrong.

Deffo worth a visitMake a reservation

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