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Crizia Buenos Aires

by on Dec.28, 2011, under Buenos Aires, Champagne, City, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Music, Scallops, Sole, Tuna, Wine

Crizia is a seafood restaurant that prides itself on its oysters.I do not go out of my wy to eat them so you will have to visit yourself and decide if they are any good.Luckily enough the menu was full of other good things.








The actual restaurant is very cool and once again seems to have been built in an old car shop.Now while it may not mean much to most people these structures are awful for acoustics.the music was very cool but I just could not hear it.











Any business is only as good as its staff and the bar-tender/waiter here was brill.(that is very good in English).He explained the menu,the drinks and also was brave enough to say that the most expensive item on the menu was not the best in his opinion.





As I am writing this a week after I visited this restaurant I cannot entirely remember the exact composition of this dish but it was very good.









This was the shrimp and scallop erviche and it was really good.While not startling I did enjoy the experience here so I would recommend it.

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Tegui Buenos Aires

by on Dec.28, 2011, under Buenos Aires, Champagne, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Restaurants, Roof Deck/Patio, Steak, Swanky, Tartar, Wine

Any restaurant where you have to ring the door bell to get in must have something going for it.










Very like its sister restauant,Casa Cruz,Tegui is very glam inside.










The food is excellent.My veal tartar was great.One of the best I have ever eaten.











I almost forgot.The bread was the best I had ever eaten.(that is if you like nutty bread)











Which gets me to the main course.I had the steak which was very good.One thing that is interesting here is that the chef usually does steak medium.This was rare and wonderful.Always state how you want your food cooked as I noticed that the waiter will not always ask.








The wine list was very comprehensive and if you can grab a drink in the outside garden before you leave.Definately gets 2 thumbs up from me.










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Olsen Buenos Aires

by on Dec.24, 2011, under Buenos Aires, Champagne, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Roof Deck/Patio, Salmon, Steak, Wine

Olsen is a sister restaurant to Casa Cruz and Tegui. From it’s name you can guess it has a Swedish feel. Apart from being difficult to get to I really did not find anything Swedish about the place.
This was my second visit and I hoped I would enjoy it more than the first. Things did not get off to a good start. We only accept Visa was the first thing I was told after making the reservation. I did explain that people who use Amex traditionally spend more dosh but this fell on deaf ears.
The restaurant is located in a more remote part of Palermo Soho but when you get there the garden entrance is stunning.


Palermo was an area of Buenos Aires that housed many car shops. Once again this restaurant seems to have used this type of venue to produce a stunning room. It is a pity they did not invest in some stunning furniture as the stuff they have looked as if it came from a car boot sale of old diners stuff. The acoustics are pretty bad as well but to fix that would take a real hefty investment.

The food was good but nothing to write home about and quite expensive for Buenos Aires

I personally will not be rushing back but if you want to yearn for that little bit of Sweden by sitting in a really cool outside patio while drinking Absolut vodka then this may be the place for you
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Casa Cruz Buenos Aires

by on Dec.18, 2011, under Buenos Aires, Champagne, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Music, Octopus, Steak, Swanky, Tartar, Wine

Casa Cruz is a very upscale restaurant on the outer fringes of the main shopping and dining area of Palermo Soho

Inside the feeling is expensive but very cool . You enter into a small bar area where you are seated and expected to have a drink. It seems that the restaurant want you to enjoy the plush surroundings as we had to wait 20 minutes for our table even though the place was not that busy . The sound-track was great so this made the wait well worthwhile .

Once again the restaurant features a large open space with a huge wall of wine at the far end. The place feels as if you should dress up but the staff uniform is a vest, shirt, tie, jeans and sneakers. Very casual chic.
The food was simple,good and expensive by Buenos Aires standards.The veal tartar was incredible. It was as good as anything I have ever eaten

So definitely somewhere to visit if you want to impress the “mrs”.
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Cluny, Buenos Aires

by on Dec.16, 2011, under Bellini, Buenos Aires, Cocktails, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Irish Coffee, Mojito, Octopus, Roof Deck/Patio, Salmon, Sole, Tartar, Wine

Cluny has become my Boston Navy Yard Bistro of Buenos Aires. The actual space is fantastic.Seems as if it was an old garage, part inside part outside.Staff are very attentive and the food is excellent. Salmon tartare, steak and grilled octopus cannot be beaten. Great wine list. You get the picture I really like this place. Go check it out and if you are really lucky you may even get to talk to the chef with the crazy Lancashire accent.
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MOTT Buenos Aires

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Bellini, Buenos Aires, Cocktails, Free Wi-Fi, Happening, Mojito, Roof Deck/Patio, Salmon, Tuna

Do not be put off by the very naughty name (in British English).This is another one of “the” places to hang out.Located in the bohemian area of Buenos Aires,Palermo Soho , Mott is a big open space that just yells COOL.The bar is very well stocked and the caipirinhas will knock your head off.Smoked salmon sandwich is excellent and most of the food is locally sourced.Definitely worth a visit. To book a reservation at Mott





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